BALIKPAPAN – PT Badak LNG successfully won the East Kalimantan Provincial Gold PROPER (PROPERDA) award for the 12th time. The awarding of the Gold PROPERDA was carried out on the 2024 East Kalimantan Province World Environment Day commemoration agenda, Wednesday (12/6) at the Gran Senyiur Hotel, Balikpapan.

Akmal Malik, Acting Governor of East Kalimantan, hopes that the knowledge and practices carried out by Badak LNG can be transmitted to other companies. “I hope that Badak LNG can pass on its knowledge to other companies and also to students, because winning PROPERDA Gold 12 times is not an easy thing,” said Akmal, Wednesday (12/6).

Meanwhile, Ronggo Ahmad Wikanswasto, Badak LNG Laboratory & Environment Control Manager, said that the 12th PROPERDA Gold award was achieved due to the cooperation and mutual cooperation of all elements in the company. “This achievement is the result of the collaboration of all Badak LNG officers and with the support of stakeholders and company management,” said Ronggo.

As one of the largest companies processing LNG in Indonesia, Badak LNG also makes various efforts to create benefits for the environment and society. Efforts are made by implementing technological innovation programs, collaborating with local communities and stakeholders, and implementing environmentally friendly business practices that are in accordance with ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles.

That is also what makes Badak LNG a regular source of recognition from the government for its efforts to continue to develop with the environment. By carrying out the efforts mentioned above, Badak LNG has achieved energy efficiency of 11,288,419 GJ, and saved water usage of up to 2,476,859 m3. The company’s decarbonization efforts have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 572,516 tons of CO2 eq. Badak LNG also carries out waste management applying the 3R principle (reduce, reuse, recycle) reaching 317.59 tons of non-B3 waste, and 90.65 tons of B3 waste.

Not only that, the company has managed a conservation area of ​​538.84 hectares which is a habitat for 446,278 flora and 14,957 fauna. Apart from that, Badak LNG also contributes to social development through community empowerment programs, including carrying out the Livable House Program for 17 units, carrying out renovations for Islamic Boarding Schools & Orphanages for 5 units, and the Greening Food Program covering an area of ​​2.2 hectares.