JAKARTA – President Director & CEO of Badak LNG, Gema Iriandus Pahalawan won the Satyalancana Wira Karya Medal of Honor from Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The Satyalancana Wira Karya Award is an award given to individuals who have shown extraordinary dedication, commitment and contribution to the growth and development of the nation in various sectors. The Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya pinned the badge of honor at the 78th Republic of Indonesia Independence Day Commemoration Ceremony at Plaza Ir. Soejono Suryo, Manggala Wana Bakti Building, Jakarta.

Based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 49/TK/Year 2023, Gema Iriandus Pahalawan is considered to have contributed to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the preservation of biodiversity, and support the fulfillment of national clean energy through the LPG Production Booster System (LPBS) project.

Yuli Gunawan, Senior Manager Corporate Communication & Gen. Badak LNG Support, stated that the company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including by having a 4.3 MWp PLTS built in the Badak LNG Refinery area in collaboration with PT Pertamina Power Indonesia. “The use of renewable energy is a form of support in achieving net zero emissions, as well as reducing fuel gas use by 67 MMSCF/year and reducing carbon emissions by 2,066 tons of CO2e per year,” Yuli said in a statement, Thursday (17/8).

As a liquefied natural gas producer that has been operating for 48 years, Badak LNG also consistently strives to preserve biodiversity in the Company’s environment. Various efforts have been made, starting from conserving protected flora and fauna, restoring coral reef ecosystems, and innovating tissue culture by developing organic media for the conservation of twined orchids.

Then amidst the challenge of changing the composition of the feed gas supplied to the Badak LNG Plant, Gema also initiated the LPG Production Booster System (LPBS) project to innovate so that the supplied gas feed can be used as much as possible. “Due to the success of this project, Badak LNG can significantly increase LPG production by 323%. From the previous deficit of 135 MT/day, so LPG had to be imported for operational needs, through the Badak LNG Refinery LPBS project, LPG can produce 287 MT/day. This success is a form of fulfillment of national clean energy, “explained Yuli.

Apart from the Satyalancana Wira Karya award, previously Gema Iriandus Pahalawan also received several other awards such as TOP Leader on CSR Commitment (2021-2023), The Best CEO Focus (2021), and The Best CEO for Digital Development (2021). This achievement is a form of recognition of Gema’s commitment and active role in environmental preservation, company development, and various other aspects.