BONTANG – Badak LNG successfully won an award at the 15th Global CSR & ESG Summit and Awards 2023 which was held in Vietnam on Tuesday (29/8), the award for the Best Community Program Category was aimed at Badak LNG’s CSR program, namely Salin Swara (Self-Help Mobile Waste Public).

Ilham Ayuning Tanjung Sari, CSR & Community Development Specialist at Badak LNG, said that this award was an appreciation of the Company’s commitment to implementing ESG. “Thank God, Badak LNG again received an award in the field of CSR. This is the first time we have participated in this event and thank God we received an award in the category of Best Community Program. This award is an appreciation for the efforts we have made in implementing ESG principles in the Company’s operational activities,” said Ilham in his statement (8/9).

Adopting the concept of community-based waste management, Salin Swara is the first investment-based integrated waste management program in Bontang City which is spread across five sub-districts, namely Satimpo, Berebas Tengah, Bontang Lestari, Gunung Telihan, and Bontang Kuala. Through this program, Badak LNG initiated a number of innovative activities while collaborating with the Bontang City Government and community groups to overcome environmental and social problems by establishing synergy, collaboration and commitment to supporting the realization of a sustainable economy.

Salin Swara provides knowledge to the community related to household waste management to organic waste processing training. “Apart from that, collaboration is also carried out with waste banks to manage non-B3 waste from companies into products of economic value based on identifying market demand,” said Ilham.

This is implemented by processing non-B3 waste into boats, ship propellers, environmentally friendly fuel and coolers which are in demand by the majority of fishermen in Bontang City. Badak LNG has outlined the impact of the Salin Swara program using a sustainability compass by measuring five aspects, namely environmental, social, welfare, economic and impact on society. When described, the results obtained from this assessment include increasing the number and income of waste bank groups, processing 2.2 tons of aluminum waste from companies, and creating a new culture in society through reduce, reuse and recycle involving 517 households.(RI)