BONTANG – PT Badak LNG won the prestigious Subroto 2023 award in the EBTKE (New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation) Subsector in the Energy Management Category in Buildings and Industry. Henny Trisnadewi, Corporate Secretary of Badak LNG, said that the company will continue to maintain its commitment to continue to innovate and improve energy efficiency in the future.

“We are very proud of this award because it reflects Badak LNG’s commitment and dedication in carrying out good and sustainable energy management. “We will continue to strive to carry out sustainable practices and also innovate to increase energy efficiency and contribute to environmental preservation,” said Henny, Tuesday (31/10).

The Subroto Award for Energy Efficiency is the highest award given by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) to stakeholders who have successfully implemented energy efficiency, energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction programs.

Henny explained that in its efforts to achieve optimal energy management, Badak LNG has implemented the Badak LNG Energy Management System (BEST) which has been certified to ISO 50001:2018. The consistent implementation of BEST has had a significant positive impact on the environment, namely energy efficiency of 8,366,566 GJ, water efficiency of 2,477,740 m3, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 403,743 tonnes CO2eq, and the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) program. succeeded in reducing B3 waste by 79 tons and non-B3 waste by 258 tons.

“Apart from that, Badak LNG is also committed to preserving flora and fauna and their habitats, which is proof that good energy management can produce real positive impacts,” said Henny.

Meanwhile, the results of implementing BEST can also be seen in the benchmarking results in the LNG processing industry sector with Badak LNG ranked in the top 25% in terms of energy consumption intensity at the national level, ranked 2nd out of 8 companies in Asia Pacific, and ranked 3rd out of 16 companies at the international level.

Apart from that, Badak LNG continues to focus on innovations that can reduce energy use and reduce carbon emissions, such as LPBS (LPG Production Booster System) innovation and automation of the refrigerant compressor antisurge control system. LPBS succeeded in reducing energy consumption by 1,307,167 GJ and emissions by 1,988 tonnes CO2eq.

Innovation in the automation of the refrigerant compressor anti-surge control system has an impact on increasingly optimum compressor performance so that it can reduce fuel gas use by 4,899 kNm3/year and reduce emissions by 11,132 tons CO2eq/year. Utilization of new, renewable energy in Badak LNG has also become part of the Company’s strategy with the installation of PLTS in several office buildings and Company complexes.

“This effort has succeeded in reducing emissions by 1,245 tonnes of CO2,” said Henny.